Loghman Azar
Shared Vision January 2009

“Building Futures”

Shared Vision January 2009

Loghman Azar is featured as a 'Visionary.’ "And if designers and architects like Loghman control the future of building, perhaps nature does indeed have a fighting chance." 

- Marlane Press

“Sir Sandford Fleming College”

SA&B Mag December 2006

The article reveals the strategies for passive cooling/heating, natural ventilation and day-lighting details in the design of the Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences wing at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough.

“Multi-expert integration delivers iterative savings at Fleming College”

Building Strategies January 2006


"Cost of Sustainable Architecture"

Green Real Estate Conference

Toronto, ON April 2007

Symposium Ministry of Education and Ministry of Energy

Toronto, ON 2007

"Sustainable Architecture"

BC Real Estate Convention

Vancouver, BC February 2007

Selected project by LINE Architect Inc

Ontario Science Centre

Toronto, ON May 2006

Selected project by LINE Architect Inc

Ryerson University, Department of Architectural Science

Toronto, ON April 2006

OAA Architectural Excellence Award - Honourable Mention for Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough.

“ArchiNature – Architecture inspired by Nature”

BC Design Quarterly Fall 2008

Canada Innovates: Sustainable Building

Published by: School of Design - George Brown College.

 - Sir Sandford Fleming College
 - Quast Straw Bale Home

Energy Efficiency In Architecture

Commissioned by UnionGas & Enbridge

Written and Designed by LINE Architect Inc

LINE Architect has exhibited several sustainable projects, including Fleming College's Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences Building in Peterborough, Innovation Square Commercial office complex and Quast Straw Bale House in University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Toronto Metro Hall, North York Civic Centre, Etobicoke Civic Centre, Ontario Association of Architects, Toronto Society of Architects, Enbridge Sustainable design workshop, Vancouver Sustainable design Conference, Toronto Design Exchange, Oslo Sustainable Design Conference, and Nation Green Building Conference Ottawa.

LINE participated as an exhibitor in the "Future of Our Schools Symposium" to showcase its sustainable projects. The two day event was organized by the Ministries of Education and Energy.  Delegates from Ontario school boards were given update presentations on energy efficiency in building as the cycle of new school projects starts in Ontario.


Architectural Institute of British Columbia Annual Conference May 2009.

Loghman planed three sessions and presented a continuing education course in the AIBC conference in Vancouver which included:


ArchiNature, A practical approach to natural system applications in an architecture inspired by nature.

Presenter: Loghman Azar Partner LINE Architect Inc.


Multi-density, solutions for a sustainable city.

Presenters: Ray Spaxman (former director of planning City of Vancouver), Alan Boniface (partner at Hudson Bakker, Boniface Haden Architects), and Gordon Price (director of City Program at the Simon Fraser University and former Vancouver City Councillor).


Architectural Promenades of Arthur Erickson.

Presenter: Professor H. M. Taj, Carlton University.


Succession planning and Start-up Practice.

Presenters: Randy Knill, principal at DA Architects, and Mike Berris, principal at Berris and Partners Chartered Accountants.

Silent Partners in Nature: Architecture Inspired by Nature and Cities designed with Nature are two continuing education courses presented by Loghman Azar during the Architectural Institute of British Columbia's Annual Conference in April 2008.  Loghman organized three other continuing education courses:


Green Skyscraper with a panel including James Chang, Martin Nilson, James Hancock, and Mark Thompson, moderated by Gordon Price, Director of City Program at Simon Fraser Universitey. 


Green Roofs with a panel including: Dr. Leslie Peer, Philip Offerein, Tom McConkey, Amanda Bickell, Christine Thuring, and moderated by Maureen Connley, Research Program Head at the Centre for the Advancement of Green Roof Technology School of Construction and the Environment British Columbia Institute of Technology; and, 


Ron Thom Revisited, a Round Table discussion of Ron's work by former partners and associates including Dick Sai- Chew, Paul Merrick, Peter Hemingway, and Stephen Quigley, and moderated by Donald Yen, head of the Sustainable Urban Development at the BCIT. 

"Architectural Strategies for Sustainability"

British Columbia Institute of Technology May 2007

Construct Canada 2006

A joint presentation by Loghman Azar and Vladimir Mikler on whole building design, a merged approach to design by an architect and engineer.

"Green Architecture and Making it Affordable”

IIDEX/Neocon 2006

A joint presentation by Loghnam Azar and Dr. Ron Dembo of Zero Footprint.

"Design Power in Sustainable Architecture"

National Green Building Conference 2006

"Sustainable Design in Sir Sandford Fleming College - a case of team integrated design"

Construct Canada/National Green Building Conference November 2006

"Sir Sandford Fleming College Project in Peterborough" 

Ottawa Green Real Estate Conference April 2006.

Construct Canada/Ecobuild Conference 2005

Loghman Azar delivered a presentation on sustainable design strategies in Sir Sandford Fleming College project designed by LINE Architect in Peterborough.

"Sustainable Design solutions with European Case Studies"

Symposium at Humber College November 2005


The "Friends of Sustainable Architecture," is a voluntary committee of the Toronto Society of Architects founded in 2004 by Loghman Azar aiming to serve as a unique learning experience by providing seminars, lecture, tours, exhibitions and awards. 

Members and the public are invited to participate and share their stories of Sustainable Design.  Membership and events at FSA are free to all. For more information please contact LINE Architect Inc.

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