"Throughout the design process, we incorporate technologies that are innovative and cost effective.  Many of them require no more additional investment than conventional buildings. Those technologies that require capital investment are evaluated with computer simulations to show payback and trade-off provided.  Often, combined technologies of selected solutions working together in tandem will produce a unique architectural design rich in ideas but economical within the affordable means. We can make Living In Natural Environments possible by taking our buildings into nature or bringing nature to our cities. Our approach to sustainable design emphasizes architectural solutions rather than deploying technology and more technology.

Through careful design and planning, an architecture can emerge based on the strengths of the site as well as aesthetic and functional imperatives.  When Union Gas and Enbridge were looking for an architect to write a research book on how architecture can contribute to energy efficiency, they hired LINE Architect.  This book, completed in 1998, covers strategies that are architectural in nature as an integrated core concept in comparison to add-on solutions. 

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