Loghman Azar, B.Sc; B.Arch. M.Arch.UD. AIBC. OAA

Principal Architect and Urbanist

Loghman is an award winning and innovative architect based in Toronto.  He graduated from Harvard University and has 30 years experience in Canada and the United States. He directed LINE's projects in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and provided leadership in design and management with particular expertise in sustainable architecture. Loghman was the former chair of the Ontario Association of Architect's Sustainability committee and has served on professional and advisory committees in Toronto and Vancouver, and as the chair of the Friends of Sustainable Architecture at the Toronto Society of Architects (FSA@TSA).  He offers a highly organized approach to design and project delivery and has received recognition for design excellence and pioneering work in sustainable and energy efficient architecture from the Canada Wood Council, Enbridge, Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Ontario Association of Architects Award of Excellence.

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